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Tomoko Motizuki-Yoshida

Tenshinkai, Karadaza
Kenbu Tenshin Ryu Senior Instructor
Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto)
Tomoko is the Senior Instructor of Kenbu Tenshin Ryu / Tenshintaido. She hopes that sharing the teachings and practice of Tenshintaido can open up opportunities to create a harmonious relationship with ourselves, others, nature, the world, and the universe.

When she was 10 years old, she met the teaching of the Indian mystic and philosopher OSHO Rajneesh and began to take the first step in pursuing spirituality through artistic expression in his Ashram in India. This experience sparked her passion for integrating the body, mind/heart, consciousness, expression, liberation, and healing as a way to become our true selves.

At the age of 13, she met Shintaido (now renamed to Tenshintaido) that was founded by Master Hiroyuki Aoki and became his student. Since then, Tenshintaido has been her Tao (spiritual path/way) to connect to the body, mind, soul, and spirit, tap into our unique potentials, and feel ourselves as one with the great life force.

After receiving her B.A. in Fine Arts Cultural Studies and studying Expressive Arts Therapy in Canada and the US, she returned to Japan and started practicing Kenbu Tenshin Ryu, an art of the sword that Master Hiroyuki Aoki had newly established based on Tenshintaido principles at the time.

She is currently one of the 5 Senior Instructors of Kenbu Tenshin Ryu/ Tenshintaido at Tokyo Central Dojo and is Manager of Kenbu Tenshin Ryu Office (Japan & overseas). She also teaches at her Karadaza branch dojo with her husband and collaborates with various groups in Japan and other countries such as France, UK, and Brazil.

She now lives in Kyoto, Japan, and has also lived in the US and Canada. Loves traveling and exploring the richness and diversity of our planet. Learn more a https://kenbu-tenshin.jimdofree.com/t tenshinkai.jp and karadaza.wixsite.com/karadaza
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